Voice Training

The instrument that’s used for speaking is the same one that’s used for breathing, swallowing and airway protection. 

What we often use without thought, is a complex system of muscle, neurology and physics mixed with the dynamics of culture and psychology and art.

ESP are dedicated to education, vocal repair and elite training for singers and other voice professionals.

The masters of voice

Asking the vocal experts

ESP have dedicated a website to the exploration of vocal masters. We ask the experts in the field to explore what’s new and find ways to improve vocal production so artists can continue to create and explore.

voice training for teachers

Care, repair and projection training

ESP has designed a unique program specifically for the demanding role of Teachers. This at school training program includes vocal hygiene, voice anatomy and physiology, vocal repair techniques and voice projection training. 

A valuable professional development program that will help decrease the risk of damaging your voice in the work environment.

master your voice

So  you can create

ESP provide Master Classes to interested groups, choirs and individual singers on vocal techniques and vocal care.

Learn how the voice works by learning anatomy, physiology, neurology, air flow and sound physics and the psychology of voice and singing.

We interpret current research and techniques on the voice and provide you with a way to learn and understand how the voice works, so you can continue to grow and create.