Returning to Singing post COVID 19

Covid has had a significant impact on the music industry worldwide with many musicians experiencing financial and emotional difficulties due to canceled concerts and events. Some who have been infected with Covid have long term changes in their respiration.

Singers are at a higher risk of transmitting the virus due to the nature of singing, which produces aerosols that can spread the virus.

Some studies suggest that wearing masks, increasing ventilation, and reducing the duration and intensity of rehearsals can help mitigate the risk of transmission during singing.

The use of technology, such as virtual choirs, has provided opportunities for musicians to continue performing and collaborating during the pandemic.

Musicians may experience anxiety and stress related to returning to in-person rehearsals and performances after a prolonged period of isolation and virtual performances. Gathering to enjoy in each others company is a safe stress reliever, but, not if you’re concerned about it affecting your health.

Mental health support and training in proper safety protocols can help musicians more comfortable returning to singing in-person.

This is an article review taken from: COVID-19: Impact on the Musician and Returning to Singing; A Literature Review

Dylan Vance, *Priyanka Shah, and †,‡ Robert T. Sataloff, * Philadelphia, and Wynnewood, Pennsylvania