Parkinson's Support

E.S.P. can support your communication, eating and drinking.

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Benifits of E.S.P.

Speech Pathology Assessment, Treatment and Management for those with Parkinson's.

Becoming louder and clearer.

E.S.P. can provide treatment and management strategies for your verbal communication. Improving your clarity, volume and speaking rate to become more clear with family, friends and in the community.

Reading and Writing

E.S.P. can support your reading and writing. Improving your fine motor skills, in partnership with your O.T. and Physiotherapist.

Designing affective communication strategies

E.S.P. can assist with designing bespoke communication tools to help if speaking becomes difficult. Working together with family and friends to effectively communicate your needs and wants.

Swallowing Support

Eating and drinking is unique to everyone. E.S.P. provide one-on-one assessment, treatment and management to help improve swallowing safety and quality of social eating.

Support anywhere



Treatment at home is an excellent way to help develop strong communication strategies. This can be done individually or with family present to assist the most effect plans particular for you.


E.S.P. provides multiple services within Aged Care Facilities that can support you and your family and friends. Support for finding the most appropriate food and drink consistency and negotiating with the facility to ensure systems are in place to support your particular needs. 


Tele Health provides all the benefits of Treatment and Management of Parkinson’s without leaving your home or. Swallowing and Voice Programs are just as effective when on-line. Rural, Regional and City clients can receive the same treatment at Home or from an Aged Care Facility.


E.S.P. can provide clear and concise education programs to help support you through everyday life. Including Medical Teams, Allied Health Teams, Work Place Education Programs, Catering Staff, General Population and sit down meetings with family and friends for an information chat. 


You can gain financial support through Medicare, DVA, My Aged Care and Private Health Funds.


We are strong supporters of communicating and supporting other health professionals, private and public health providers. We can communicate with Medical Staff, Dieticians, O.T. and support staff.

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